Travel Taiwan while you learn Mandarin having the time of your life. You will be accompanied by our qualified University mandarin teacher who doesn't just know how to help you learn mandarin but who knows how to have fun too! Being knowledgeable on the history of Chinese culture, our teachers also have degrees in liberal arts and english.  You will not only learn Mandarin but you will get  in-depth knowledge of the Chinese culture. 

Join our 1 week or 2 week Taiwan travel program and Choose from a wide range of places to visit and things to do. Small groups ( not more than 10 people per group) . If you would like to create your own small group then let us know and we can create an itinerary based on your groups interests. 

Below is a list of activities which is a guideline, however new activities are added every 2-3 months. 

  • Attain PADI Diving certification or by scuba diving and enjoy diving in some of most beautiful diving spots in the world. 
  • Travel and meet people island-wide through a cultural journey. 
  • Learn to cook Chinese food. 
  • Outdoor Adventures - natural hot springs , Water-sports,Hiking in Toroko Gorge , Camping, surfing , river tracing  and other outdoor explorations. 
  • Singing  at Karaoke. 
  • Spend time and with a Chinese doctor to learn about Acupuncture. 
  • Spend time with a Chinese doctor to learning about Chinese medicine. 
  • Experience and benefit from health body massages to rejuvenate your body. 
  • Learn self-defense through different forms of martial arts. 
  • Visiting Chinese night markets and learning the art of negotiation and bargaining . 
  • Meeting local businesses , sharing experiences and building relationships.