Can i Learn Mandarin by Having Fun?  

The answer is you will not learn Mandarin effectively without having fun. Language learning requires a positive , attentive state of mind . Doing what you love will help you learn a LOT faster! 

Learn Mandarin while you : 

  • Attain PADI Diving certification or by scuba diving and enjoy diving in some of most beautiful diving spots in the world. 
  • Join a dance class. 
  • Do community service. 
  • Work for a company. 
  • Travel and meet people island-wide through a cultural journey. 
  • Learn Photography and Film making. 
  • Learn the art of speech-making and presentation. Represent and introduce your country and stand to win a prize ! 
  • Attend leadership training. 
  • Learn to cook Chinese food. 
  • Enjoy and take part in outdoor Adventures - natural hot springs , Watersports,Hiking, Camping and other outdoor explorations. 
  • Learn or continue to play and learn a musical instrument and sing Chinese songs. 
  • Sing at Karaoke. 
  • Learn to surf. 
  • Playing many Chinese and western Games (in Chinese ) such as Charades, Mahjong, Four seasons , Moon cake. 
  • Performing Arts - creating of a group play. 
  • Spend time with a Chinese doctor learning about Acupuncture.
  • Spend time with a Chinese doctor learning about Chinese medicine. 
  • Learn self-defense through different forms of martial arts.