Confucius said : "To Have Friends coming from afar , How Delightful"

 This is one of the foundations of Chinese culture and certainly  true in Taiwan. Taiwanese are warm and hospitable people. And Taiwan is one of the safest places in the world! 

Living with your homestay family offers you a phenomenal opportunity to practice Chinese language and to experience Chinese culture to its fullest. Goasia Taiwan has specifically chosen families who have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs in Taiwan. They are hard working people who have achieved success and who are willing to share their experiences with people who are interested in Chinese language and culture. 

We pay specific attention to finding families who have the best interests of their guests at heart in terms of offering a sincere learning experience while at the same time ensuring that your stay is comfortable .

Our vision at Goasia Taiwan is to ensure that people create the foundation for a long-term relationships during their stay  and that these relationships last long after they have returned to their country.